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Well the 17th of April was an eye opener. Was diagnosed with Erthryocytosis.  My cholesterol is still sky high. Changes a foot. Went vegetarian that day, have NOT slipped yet on that.

Here are some history numbers:

1/19/2016 – RBC 5.3, HGB 15.2, HCT 45.7%

9/28/2016- RBC 5.36, HGB 15.3, HCT 45.7%

4/27/2017 – weight 175.6, 276 total cholesterol, 207 tri, 58 HDL, 177 LDL, Vit D-19

3/19/2018- weight 172, RBC 5.53, HGB 15.8, HCT 48.5%, total cholesterol 276, 223 Tri, 55 HDL, 176 LDL, Vit D-21

Next recheck is in three months. I’ve begun yoga, massage, and a couple of days back at PT rehab a week. I’m hoping that by cutting out meat and the daily aspirin therapy she has me on, coupled with the exercises, these numbers will look vastly different come July.

GOAL – 165lbs ( I want a very tame goal that I can hope to make) by next checkup.


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