May 20, 2017

It is suppose to rain for days here, so I popped up even not feeling well to do my mile. Thought I was going to faint about halfway in, but I made it. Took a shower. Still a little shaky, but I’m in the AC now.

I didn’t weight last Thursday because I knew I slipped last week in doing better.

I will do better.

I have to.


May 18, 2017

I fell 😦

Started eating sugar again. Realized it late today and went for a mile walk. Definitely have to walk a mile a day and then when that isn’t a big deal, go up 1/2 mile. Rinse and repeat.


May 4, 2017

Happy Star Wars Day 🙂

Week One check in on weight: 173.8 (total weight loss 1.8 lbs)

I’m ok with this because I had a cheat day this week where there was BBQ and froyo. Nearly two lbs a week. Two lbs a week would put me at roughly where I need to be. Also was only able to exercise one day this week before I got sick and too exhausted to move. Hopefully with more exercise there’ll be a better increase in weight loss.



April 30, 2017

Storms rolling in from MS, AL. Went and walked a mile in a little under 30 minutes. logged my food for the day and took my Vitamin D supplement and my probiotic. Logged back in on sparkpeople to get myself started there again and put me on the track to get 25lbs off by July 28.

Here’s hoping. New Weigh In coming on May 4th.


April 27,2017

So I just got my lab results back. I knew I’d put on weight, but until the numbers showed up, I didn’t know how BAD the weight was affecting me.

Time to put that gym membership to real use. I’ve 25 pounds to lose. I’m at 175.6 now.

My cholesterol is at 276 total, 207 Trig, 58 HDL, 177 LDL. My Vitamin D is still very low at 19. My Fasting glucose was 125 but the A1C is still holding steady at 5.6

I need to vastly improve these numbers by July 28th when my next appointment and labs are. Three months nearly to the day.



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